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We created Study Guru to help students on their journey to gain their Mortgage Adviser CEMAP Qualification.

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For over 5 years we’ve helped students gain their Mortgage Adviser CEMAP Qualification. We pride ourselves on our clear & structured online learning content which has helped thousands of students gain their qualification.

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Study Guru was created to help people that want to start a new career in Mortgage Advising. As independent Mortgage Advisers we noticed that over the last 8 years there has been a significant shift in the housing market and eventually we struggled to keep up with demand. We received several requests from clients asking for information on how to become a mortgage adviser with clients asking for recommendations for institutions to use. Having seen the high costs involved we decided to offer classroom based seminars to help our clients but again we couldn’t keep with the demand for this. Eventually we decided to team up with a industry leading software company and created Study Guru. The goal was to help students from all over the country achieve their CEMAP Qualification by providing an interactive, easy to follow course at an affordable price for all. We sincerely believe we have the best content and we are the most competive in our price. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us at anytime. We’re always here to help.

1500+ Satisfied Customers

“After searching online for a Cemap course I discovered Study Guru. The issue I had with other companies was that there was no clear path but with Study Guru they provided a structured learning method. The course was broken down into modules and had mock tests after each module. When I was ready for the test I was provided with clear instructions on how to book the test & the details of the training centres. I did have a slight issue at the start as I couldn’t view the course but the service was outstanding, I e-mailed Study Guru around 10pm and I got a reply within 2 hours, it was all sorted. The service is truly amazing.  I would highly recommend Study Guru if you’re looking to complete a Cemap course.” Rachel Kirk

Mortgage Adviser, Nationwide

“I was recommended to this site by my brother in law who had used study guru for his mortgage adviser qualification. I was unsure at the start as the price for the course was much cheaper then the other websites, I thought the course wouldn’t be as good but I decided to try it. I was very happy with the course and the service received. The course is very easy to follow and informative. The best thing about study guru is that they offer practice tests and there’s not just 1 test but a few of them for each unit so it’s not a case of just remembering the answers. I would seriously recommend study guru to anyone who’s thinking about gaining their cemap qualification.”

Abdul Khan

Mortgage Adviser, Connells

“I was previously working in a call centre for a company in the Midlands, after a few of my colleagues decided to pursue a career as a mortgage adviser I decided that it was also time for a change. My colleagues enrolled in courses that cost over £500 and from their feedback the websites & courses were horrendously difficult. I decided to try Study Guru as it was less than half the price and I cannot praise the company enough. The course was fantastic and the structure is great. The website is excellent and I didn’t have any issues at all. I showed the course content to my friends and they were shocked at how good it was. Trust me if your thinking about spending hundreds of pounds with others providers then please don’t! Use Study Guru and save your money!” Helena Lee

Independent Mortgage Adviser, Self Employed

“I initially started off buying some CEMAP eBooks online and immediately I realised that they very old and badly formatted, the biggest problem however was that the information was all outdated and all pre 2018 specification. I then found Study Guru and decided to try it. I asked a few questions before buying to ensure the spec was up to date and I received very quick replies with a friendly service. I then decided to buy it and I can honestly say the information is excellent and I can’t fault it at all. I did have one problem where I couldn’t see the course after buying it but a quick e-mail sorted that out within no time. The course is great but the service is even better”

Darren Shaw

Independent Mortgage Adviser, Self Employed


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